Don't let nagging pain from old injuries keep you from an active lifestyle.

This is an evidence driven practice that believes in empowering patients through education.

You Deserve To Feel Great About Your Health

Whether you need an adjustment, soft tissue work, or rehabilitation exercises we make sure you get what you deserve to feel good about your health.
1. Feel Better, Faster
Through proper assessments, we will identify dysfunction in your ranges of motion, speed, and strength.
2. Get The Personal Care You Deserve
Every patient is treated individually, with each treatment being different and targeted towards individual goals.
3. Stay Healthy For Life
Through rehabilitation and home exercises given, we will find a way to keep you feeling great.
Feel Confident In Your Health
I am a licensed chiropractor with a masters in sports medicine.


Here's what you can expect during a visit:

  • Your assessment will be one-on-one with the doctor.
  • You will be examined and accurately diagnosed as an individual with no pre-determined treatment plan.
  • Manual adjustments and soft tissue work will take place to restore mobility and normal tissue tone.
  • Rehabilitation and exercises will be given to target strength and balance in the body where needed.


Let Dr. Rider Help Get You Back On Track
Helping patients find ways to improve themselves is the greatest gift we can offer.

Dr. Dylln Rider is an empowering and energetic chiropractor who enjoys sports rehabilitation and getting people back to doing what they love. Dr. Rider is a member of Rehab2Performance, which integrates active rehabilitation for patients to help their healing process alongside chiropractic care. His passion for getting patients back to moving and doing things they love to do is remarkable. He believes that nutrition and regular chiropractic treatment is the answer to getting back to a functional well-being.



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What Is The Best Chiropractic Care For You?

We Specialize In Each Of The Following

Certified In The Leading Sports Modalities and Therapies

With a masters degree in sports medicine.
"I was so frustrated because I was never able to finish a run without terrible pain."

Dr. Rider is a life savor! As a dance and a fitiness instructor, my body goes through a lot and I struggle with all sorts of ailments, especially my low back. Dr. Rider knows exactly what to do! He helps with immediate relief and I am always guranteed to leave with some exercises and additional knowledge on the matter. I feel lucky to have found someone to keep me happy, healthy and strong!"

-Mish, Metz (Google Review)

From Functional Pain TO Function Without Pain.

This Is Our Simple Process
Find The Dysfunction
Proper exam and diagnoses
Mobilize and Restore Active Range of Motion
Address the dysfunction
Stabilize and Normalize
Rehabilitation and exercises to keep you moving!

Don't Let Something Bad Happen To Your Long Term Health

If you don't invest in your health, you will pay for it later.

Imagine how great it would feel to enjoy your weekend activities again without any pain. Remember, if you don't move it, you lose it.

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