When you google low back pain, this is what you get!
Now it is a common cause of low back pain, but not near as prevalent as everyone self diagnosis!

Due to the high prevelance of sedentary lifestyles in the US, low back pain is easily the most common condition we treat here at Rider Chiropractic Sports and Injury. 

  • The sciatic nerve is a group of nerve roots that starts in the low back and goes clear down to the foot. 
  • It is easily the largest nerve (diameter) in the body. 
  • 1/5 people are prone to sciatic nerve pain due to their anatomy. 
    • This nerve usually passes under the piriformis, but 1/5 people it actually passes through the muscle. 
  • This pain is usually only on one side/leg.
  • The progression of pain usually starts in the low back/buttock region and travels/radiates down the back of the leg, calf, and bottom of foot. 
Rule in diagnosis through ergonomics, occupation, and lifestyle.
  • Decrease external hip rotator tension by strengthening the internal hip rotators.
    • Release added pressure put on the nerve from a tight piriformis.
  • A Flexion Distraction table is used to decrease pressure of the lumbar discs that could be pushing on the sciatic nerve roots. 
    • This is the best chiropractic treatment for broad spectrum low back pain, especially if there is disc involvment. 
  • Decrease hamstring tenstion through exercises to restore pelvic and abdominal control.

*Pro-tip, ditch the back pocket wallet when sitting, it causes that much more pressure on this nerve.

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Common Sciatic Triggers.
Usually a gradual onset.

Pain often comes on with walking due to the nerve lengthening with each step. 

Patients often feel the need to bend forwards and "stretch their hamstrings."

Crossing one leg over the other and stretching the hips provides temporary relief. 

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