3 out of 4 people will suffer from a low back injury in their life.
Don't let your back pain define who you are.

There are many different types of low back pain generally speaking.

The most common causes of low back pain are:

Low Back Disorders
Acute Low Back Pain or Chronic Low Back Pain.

Often times back pain can slowly creep in and other times a sudden movement has us saying "uh oh."

  1. The American College of Physicians supports chiropractic care for low back pain. 
  2. Both Harvard Health and The Mayo Clinic have reported studiess highlighting chiropractic and movement-based treatment options for low back pain relief.

Let Dr. Rider help you get back to moving and feeling great again. Waiting on the pain to go away is exhausting and it doesn't have to be that way!

Learning Why You Are In Pain
Helping you to a faster and stronger recovery.

Motion is Lotion

The more you move "generally speaking" the better. Sitting or Laying will no be the advice you recieve here at Rider Chiropractic Sports and Injury. 

  • Identify the pain
  • Avoid Pain through proper biomechanics 
  • Decrease the pain and inflammation
  • Teach repetitive positional exercises for home care
  • Create a strength program to avoid injuring low back 
Neuromuscular Training
Perceived threat to the injured area.

We cannot forget about the nervous system when it comes the low back, as well as, other muscloskeletal injury or mechanical pain. The nervous system has a job to do, protect the injured area. 

  • It is important to retrain simple movements and eliminate the threat. 
    • Dr. Rider first learned this by working with high end athletes. 
  • If we consistently tell ourselves that we are in pain and cannot perform a specific movement, it will consistently hurt. 
  • If we can demonstrate to the brain that we are in control of the movement, the system will down regulate. 


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